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Pay Day Filing Is Here | 1 April

Pay Day Filing Is Here | 1 April

Pay day filing comes in from the 1st of April which means a little bit more admin for business owners.

Fortunately software providers like Xero are going to sort it out for you.

Check out what our mates at Xero have to say about how it will work:

You can now pay your employees accurately and on time with our simple, compliant, and Inland Revenue approved, payday filing solution.

From 1 April 2019, employers must send employment information to Inland Revenue (IR) every pay day instead of an Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348).

What’s changed in Xero?

Your payroll filing will work much like GST e-filing in Xero today – a direct connection between Payroll in Xero and IR, allowing Xero payroll customers to automatically file pay information after each pay run.

The great news is there will be no change to the current payroll workflow except there will be less to do at the end of the month.

This means you’ll:

  • no longer have to file upload in myIR
  • be able to easily make adjustments and amend information you’ve already filed.

Where can I find out more or get help?

If you’re stuck, feel free to drop us a line. HERE

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