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New podcast release available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts 💡

In today's episode we cover what business is like in the new world! It really is changing every second at this point and uncertainty is almost just apart of the process as well.

We recorded this straight after our second lockdown which we had very little notice for. This can be scary for business owners and it's important to stay up to date with your own business as well as what is happening in your environment to pivot accordingly!

As business owners we understand but also see our clients go through it, hear our perspective through the episode and keep in touch with how you are feeling about all of this.

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🧠Mental Health Awareness Week Reimagine

We started our nextAdvisory opportunity and challenge day reimagining the word stress and...

- How we can use it for good
- How it’s one word but has a different definition for each of us
- How we have no sympathy for our All Black goal kickers in high pressure situations but expect stress leave for ourselves and others
- How we can build a blueprint to deal with it
- How ‘beast mode’ isn’t a switch, it’s just that some people are beasts (Tim Grover)

A bloody fun, practical way to start the day and one of the key takeaways for a number of attendee’s during a jam packed day.

Impressive input from our guests.

We feel like we’ve got the awareness piece in NZ re mental health.

Now we are onto the important to.

Be well 👊🏻

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Some super late nights at the spectacular @hawthornehousehawkesbay getting through our annual business planning.

It is important to step outside of your business and really focus on your direction. We do this with clients and we practice what we preach.

You know most Kiwi businesses don’t have a structured plan of some form.

You know most Kiwi businesses end up failing too 😬

It’s easy to start a business in New Zealand and it’s just as easy to get it all wrong.

Over the last few days we’ve been planning out our next 12 months and beyond.

This gives us a series of actionable tasks that we need to get to work on to get to our desired outcome.

We are going to be busy!

💡 Looking forward to sharing some of these light bulb moments with you all over the next 12 months.

Luke & Phil

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New podcast episode now live! 💡

This was taken from one of our recent Facebook lives (make sure you head over there to our videos to keep up!). It’s a deep dive into three fatal mistakes we see business owners make.

These are all true stories and bring through themes that continue to pop up for clients and people we see! Remember we are also business owners and can relate to this journey.

Listen to find out our thoughts around these key issues and get in contact if you have any questions!

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Winning. Execution. Translator. Genuineness.

Values - guiding principles for your business and your life.

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Working Capital! What the hell is that?? In Monday’s podcast we answer that question, but just in case you can’t wait see below; 👀

Capital that is used within a business in its day to day trading operations! 🙌🏽🎉

Maybe it's a little boring we will admit but it is important to know about. We discuss how it is used in your business and the affects it has overall.

We always love to hear your feedback and get you the most relevant information - If there’s anything you’d like to hear about specifically get in touch! Otherwise, if there are any questions regarding this episode drop em’ below ⬇️


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In today’s newest podcast episode we speak to Jaime Gallocher who runs HR consulting business The People Project. They have been flat out with q’s from businesses on how to deal with the current climate from a HR perspective.

Some of the things we cover are below;
- Looking after your staff
- Common mistakes employers make when it comes to staff
- Best practises regarding redundancies
- Empowering your people
- Authenticity
- Avoiding personal grievances

They’re not always the easiest of topics to discuss or deal with but I’m sure we can all agree are 100% relevant and important, especially currently.

We would love to hear your feedback, what you have struggled with and how you plan to overcome it! Feel free to leave a comment below.

Luke & Phil

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This is our mates at @maiseyharrisco winning last years @xero People Choice Awards 🏆🍾 Peter can be seen grasping a glass of the finest champions champagne 🥂 whilst Nathan is probably hiding an entire bottle behind that massive certificate.

Look, the truth is that unless you guys get online and nominate us, we are going to have to watch these blokes win it again.

If you have received any value from the work we do online or offline, we would really appreciate it if you could return the favour and spare a few moments to nominate us for the Xero Peoples Choice Award this year.
🥇 Nominate us here:

We’ve put the link in our bio to make it nice and easy for you.

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Business owners are STILL complaining about the same things 🤬
🔸 My accounts haven’t been done yet,
🔸 I don’t know how much tax to pay or when I need to pay it,
🔸 I can’t get a response from my accountant.

It might now be 2020 but the complaints we heard in 2019 are still the same ones we hear today.

We have capacity to help aspirational business owners stop complaining about these basics.

You can expect a modern, personable approach without the jargon.

🆓 Grab a time to have a chat at the link below and we’ll give you a complimentary second opinion.

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SOS - Shiny. Object. Syndrome.

If you suffer from it, you won’t want to miss this episode. Sometimes we look for that silver bullet that we think is going to solve all of our problems, but what we tend to learn is; there aren’t any. 🤨

Phil even suggests to do a “sniff test” might need to listen to find out a bit more about that one...

As entrepreneurs we love projects and starting new things! Sometimes it distracts us because we might think we aren’t doing things in the most effective or efficient way. But how do we differentiate between the good opportunities and potential temptation??

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on yet another podcast episode! Make sure if you are enjoying you let us know, leave a rating or a review!

Luke & Phil

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**Wage Subsidy Extension** (Aug 17th)

🔸 A business must have had, or is predicting to have, a revenue drop due to Covid-19 of at least 40%.
🔸 For this new scheme, the revenue drop applies for any consecutive period of at least 14 days within 12 August and 14 September compared to last year.
🔸 As such this is similar to the current extension,
🔸 MSD has advised the new wage subsidy scheme will be open for applications by the end of the week, Friday 21 August.

🔸 The Treasury therefore estimates that a some businesses that weren’t able to access the extended wage subsidy before it expires (1 September) will now be eligible to do so.

Sing out if you are stuck - clients and non clients.

Luke & Phil

P.s The Mortgage deferral scheme has been extended until 31 March 2021

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Today our new podcast episode has been released! 🥳 What is the opportunity cost of cash? Or a better question might be what is YOUR opportunity cost of cash? 🤨

In this episode we discuss how we have seen clients use their cash and what this has meant for their progress and success! Cars for example seem to be a really prevalent expense which takes away the chance to expand somewhere else - this plus many more examples are included in the episode.

What is your personal opportunity cost for cash? Maybe you haven't even realised what you have passed up!! Have a listen to this episode to find our thoughts on it through our experience.

Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Make sure you leave a rating/review on Apple Podcasts if you have been enjoying 🤩

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3 years ago today…beautiful Fiji for some business planning 🤩

Today - locked inside houses in Auckland 😅

It is what it is and we should practice being grateful at all times.

In this photo, we are planning out what you now know as nextAdvisory.

And having beers whilst doing it obviously.

0 clients, 0 followers, 0 posts, 0 podcasts, 0 long lunches.

A few things have changed on that plan as we have become clearer on how we want to operate.

One thing that hasn’t changed - our desire to provide life changing advice to aspirational business owners.

Of course there are ups and downs but the ups always outlast the downs.

Having a plan gives us an anchor and shapes a lot of our decision making.

There is still plenty on that plan to be ticked off.

Thanks for all of your support. You have helped us turn the ideas on that table into a reality for us today.

Bring on the next 3 years,
Luke & Phil

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What makes a winner? What makes a leader in an industry? 👑

The mindset of a business owner is an integral part of the success of a business. We are both huge fans of the mindset discussion and what separates the haves from the have nots. But in saying that “‘mindset” is a HUGE topic. 🧠

So in this episode we break it down, what is the mindset of our winning clients? How can this be applied to you in your business! Now, more than ever business owners have had to be incredibly resilient.

And dare I say it adaptable to be able to ‘pivot’ their business in whichever way is most beneficial. This comes with a price, most likely of stress and pressure. Mindset now is more important than ever.

Make sure you have a listen to this episode and let us know your thoughts, struggles and opinions. What are your mindset techniques and how can you learn from others in the game?

We look forward to hearing your feedback and wish you only the best at this time.

Luke & Phil

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If you haven’t figured out why giving value is such a critical part of business yet then 1. Where have you been? And 2. Get onto Spotify or Apple Podcasts now and listen to this!!

Or even if you’re a little unsure of how to do this, make sure you have a listen. Value is a huge reason people shop or work with you. Is your customer service faultless, do you have free extras that always come with your product, do you provide your customers with a bit of a laugh, are you providing free resources for the benefit of those in your community?

Find what you can do to give value back to the network that supports you but even more than that the general community. Keep it genuine, it’s way too easy to spot a fake value provider because at the end of the day the sale is the most important part. The customer or client should be the most important part - what would make them feel good about engaging in your business?

Have a think and let us know! Any questions or comments send them our way 🤓

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Sorry to interrupt your scrolling...

But remember the 28th of August means Provisional Tax instalment one for most business owners.

This is instalment one of 2021 financial year tax.

If you can’t meet your tax obligations, you should speak with your accountant ahead of time to find a solution.

Now back to your scrolling...

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⚠️ If you have a business or are starting one before mid March 2021, we strongly suggest you listen to this.

🎙 This one podcast will more than likely provide you with more value than your current accountant will all year.

👊🏻YOU have the opportunity to use this new low value asset threshold to your advantage and this podcast explains how.

If it doesn’t make sense just let us know.

Luke & Phil

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Working with @alt_marketing today to review their business plan and challenge some of the thinking that went into it.

We flicked the camera on Facebook Live if you are interested (we can send you the recording just sing out).

If you are intrigued about the business planning work we do with clients then feel free to get in touch!

We have 3 different ways that business owners can build their own personalised plan, unique to their business.

If you’ve been putting off building a business plan, now is the time and we are your guys!

Luke & Phil

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⚠️ Limited spaces left

Please get in touch if you intend to come on the 21st of August 📧

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