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Phillip Smith

Phil isn’t backward in coming forward. He’ll tell it like it is. Known for his no-nonsense, down to earth approach, he has more than 15 years’ experience working in commercial and public practices as a Chartered Accountant.

Phil’s objective is to find solutions. He’s a good listener, great at asking the right questions and even better at providing the type of feedback you need to hear to drive your business forward and reach your goals.

Managed by a wife, three munchkins aged between six and 10 and a chocolate addiction that borders on insane, he’s recently discovered a fondness for exercise, running his first half marathon in 2016.

021 430 419

Luke Kemeys

Luke Kemeys

With experience from a variety of Chartered Accountant roles around New Zealand, Luke’s a big believer in building solid work relationships that put people first.

Driven by his enthusiasm for innovative business strategies, use of new technology and a passion to help people do what they love, Luke’s always on the go. He’s active both socially and with fitness. Charitable with his time for good causes, Luke organises large scale social events and is an award winning social media enthusiast.

027 424 3442