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Breaking up with your accountant 101

Breaking up with your accountant 101

Break ups are never easy and it’s no different when it comes time to leaving your accountant.

We’ve made it super easy to change accountants as we don’t think it should be messy.

Our new clients like to sign on with us electronically, no pen, paper or scanning.
Once we have all agreed on the rules for the new relationship, we write to the previous accountant to sort everything out.
As advisors, we work with the previous accountant until we have all that we need and do a full review of the information received. We even ring to introduce ourselves to your other advisors – like your banker, lawyer and even your counselor if we need to.

Our clients don’t have to get involved and can carry on doing what they are best at – kicking goals in their business. We manage the process so that our clients don’t waste their time.

Whats the best time to make the change?
It’s never a good time to say goodbye but the longer you leave it, the more it may cost the progress of your business and soak up more of your time.

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