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The Winning Formula Methodology Business Owners Use To Succeed

How Does It Work?

Every successful business has a plan and form of accountability

We explore why you are in business, who you want to be doing business with & how you are going to connect with them. We help identify what your most profitable product or service is so you understand your numbers. We work through what obstacles you face and what's stopping you from driving your business, and lot's, lot's more.

Most importantly - what it is you want to get out of the business to create the life you want?

We have a free Planning Triangle template to help get you started - check it out below.

Start with "Why you're in Business" then "Crystal Ball gaze on the Future" and what Winning looks like for you. From here work through to your Goals.

Cash Is King - We All Know This

We’ve all heard it before and we know that business suffers with insufficient cash.

In our experience unfortunately most business owners have no visibility of their future cash position including high and low points.

Why? They don’t have a tool to work it out - what Accountants call a Cash Flow Forecast.

This is an essential tool to help you understand when there could be a cash flow problem and how it can be it fixed. You may need finance, need to chase debtors or need to budget for tax.

We’ve made one for you - free of charge - download it here.

’’Gain More Traction. Structure & Goals To Work Towards’’ - Sarah - The Platter Collective

How Valuable Is Your Business? Let’s Add Some Value To It

A business is always more valuable when it doesn’t rely on the business owner to do everything

Imagine running a business where you set the direction of the ship and steer it. You’re not in there shovelling the coal or up all hours watching for icebergs.

What would your day look like if you didn’t have to do the 80% of things you don’t want to be doing?

Business owners that can identify these things and put a plan in place to work on them notice great benefits to their business.

Not only does it free up a lot of their time to steer the business towards achieving their desired outcomes, they add value to their business because it doesn’t solely rely on them to run every aspect of it.

What Happens When You Hit The Winning Formula?

What could business look like for you?

Every business owner has a different definition of success

Your business can be the vehicle that helps you achieve your personal aspirations. No doubt you didn’t get in to business to not get ahead?

Businesses we work with set goals and objectives like:

  • Becoming debt free
  • Improving margins and profitability
  • Hiring the first or 100th staff member
  • Getting ‘off the tools’
  • Upskilling
  • Buying a competitor
  • Becoming number one in the market
  • Getting more for working less
  • Future proofing their businesses sale price
  • Building systems
  • Getting their business into 2019

Every business needs a different plan, a different winning formula but every business that has one notices huge change. Things start to run smoother, more profitable, processes improve, stress levels decrease and business becomes more enjoyable. Humans crave having something to work towards - a business owner is no different.

What’s next? For You & Your Business?

Do You Want To Explore Your Winning Formula?

If you’re still spending too much time in the business rather than on it, you already know something needs to change.

Maybe you want more time, or more profit or to do less ‘work’.

You can make it happen, but first you’ll need a plan then, more importantly, you’ll need to execute.

If you want to explore implementing The Winning Formula in your business, you can apply below