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The Big Hoot

The Big Hoot

If you live in the Auckland region, you may have noticed giant owls placed all around the city as well as smaller owls in malls and libraries.

The Big Hoot is the fundraiser of the Child Cancer Foundation which runs from the 3rd of March to the 5th of May. is our solution for Kiwi parents to help them claim back their school donations. We started this business as a way to help everyday Kiwi families that had no idea they could claim their school donations back.

Part of our vision was to use some of the fees charged to do our own form of good in the community. This saw us make a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation to become the Education Partner of The Big Hoot 2018 and help them achieve their own vision in the form of their 2018 fundraiser.

Get out and enjoy the free art exhibition and if you can, dig deep and make a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation to support the great work they do.

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