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Money In The Bank

Don’t get caught short of cash

Having visibility of your cash ups and downs can help you plan for important business decisions.

Without visibility of your projected cash flow, it makes it hard to make decisions within your business that could help you fund the next asset purchase, grow or even pay staff or bills. Once you have visibility of your cash projections it makes it easy to proactively manage any cash holes and risks associated with this so that you can put in place a solution before shit hits the fan.

This might mean applying for additional borrowing, re-financing or even reviewing your terms of trade.

If you’re facing issues with cash, we believe it’s wise to engage your trusted advisors early on including your accountant and your bankers.

We’ve created a simple cash flow projection tool for business to download for free. We hope this will help you get some clarity over your cash position. Enter your details in the form below and we’ll send you a copy.

We’ve put together a video for you outlining the importance of understanding your cash flows below.

Need a free cash flow planning tool? Enter your details below and we’ll send you one.