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Documenting The Business Journey

Documenting The Business Journey

💯 posts ago, a lawyer looked at us dead square across a table and said ‘what the hell are two accountants going to do on instagram and who the hell is going to ‘follow’ you’.

Our response: ‘’Watch’’☺️

You CAN NOT underestimate the power of letting people in to see what you do and taking people on your journey. Even for two ‘boring’ accountants. Maybe the lawyers will catch up one day too 🤭

We’ve had so much bloody fun letting you all in on what is only a portion of what we get up to!

We love keeping up with what you’re all doing and watching your journeys too so thank you for sharing.

Here’s a throw back to our cute getaway to Fiji🇫🇯 where we did tonnes of work (of course) and had lots of fun documenting the trip at the same time.

Here’s to the next 💯

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