Preparing A Business Plan For You And Your Business |

Preparing A Business Plan For You

Preparing A Business Plan For You

Preparing a business plan

Every month we sit down with clients and build out business plans specific to that client and their business.

There are templates you can use and ‘one size fits all’ but lets be honest, we all know every business is different and every business owner wants to achieve different things with their business.

Every business owner whether they’re a professional dog handler or a pen business, needs a plan. A plan specific to what they want to achieve with their business.

Your business plan is a management tool and is designed to suit the structure and needs of your particular business.

This leeway to design your own business plan can feel quite daunting at first, but this is easy to solve if you identify the reasons why you need a business plan. These could include setting business goals and objectives, establishing performance requirements and assessing whether these have been achieved, or communicating messages to people inside or outside your company.

Writing your business plan

It’s probably not what you think. We like to keep these as short as possible – the front and back of one piece of paper. Keep your business plan as short and simple as possible. Simple language. Short sentences. Easy to understand. No unnecessary words or jargon. Bullet points. All of these things make it easier to read or understand.

The information in the business plans different sections should support each other. Don’t include information that does not add up or is unrealistic.

We are big believers in dreaming big BUT we also need to set SMART goals. Do not give in to the temptation to overstate the truth, and bear in mind that the figures and goals are what you really do want to achieve.

The value of completing a business plan with an external party?

We can all get a bit too excited at times and sometimes unrealistic. Feedback and a different set of eyes is one of the most valuable tools for a business owner. It’s important to get out of your own head and business to look back in on it.

Accountability. A very important word when business planning – setting a plan is just the start of the process. Now comes the execution and staying focused to achieve the things you’ve written down.

We help businesses have someone to be accountable to and to help get sh*t done.

We are the friend that doesn’t bullsh*t you – we want to see business owners achieve their goals and we are there for them when they need us.

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