Managing Money | Separating Bank Accounts | DEMO - Next Advisory

Managing Money | Separating Bank Accounts | DEMO

Managing Money | Separating Bank Accounts | DEMO

This discussion is focused around separating out your business bank accounts to get on top of managing your money.

We’ll provide a demonstration and explanation on splitting out the likes of GST, tax and a ‘sh!t hit the fan account’.

– Provide for GST as you go using reporting in your accounting software

– Make a provision for tax

– Planning for a rainy day based on your working capital

– What you can’t see you won’t spend

– Example of a client who receives funding 3 times per year and how they manage their monthly use of this cash.

Tune in and learn from market leading accountants and business advisors. Did we say award winning too? Ok enough bragging now…

Any questions just leave a comment.

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