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Make More Money 💰

Make More Money 💰

Make More Money 💰

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Have we all heard of the 80/20 rule?

80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

If there’s any truth to that for you, it’s vital you know who that 20% are.

To check this you could run a report of your revenue for a set period of time and filter this by customer.

What type of customer is that top 20%?

From there, maybe it’s a good idea to look for more clients like the top 20%

A good customer software can help you understand:

– Biggest spenders,

– The most loyal

– The most frequent buyers.

Use this information to hone in on your target market, fine tune your marketing strategies and greatly improve your return on investment in the software.


Whilst we are at it, maybe we take a look at those customers that:

– Don’t pay on time

– Don’t pay at all

(Norling Law can help you with them 😉)

Knowing who your most reliable customers are can eliminate time wasted on non-paying clients and focus on those who increase your cash flow.

A solid review can also streamline your processes for chasing up late paying customers.

Good Luck!

Luke & Phil

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